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How It Works

Departing from Israel

1. After your order is complete, you will receive an email approving your order. (Orders placed at least 32 hours prior to flight will be automatically approved).
2. Upon receipt of your order approval email you should save the phone number of the Duty Manager listed in your email.
3. Call the Duty Manager a half hour before your meeting time with our Fast Track representative, to confirm the time and place.
4. Meet your Fast Track representative who will be waiting to handle your luggage for you.
5. Swiftly pass a security check without waiting in line.
6. Check in at the express check in desk (availability per airport). Note: It is recommended to check in online, through the airline website.
7. Security checks are done in the Ben Gurion Airport VIP station, without wating in any line.
8. Passport checks are done at the fast lane for diplomats and quick biometric scans.
9. Arrive at Duty Free and bid farewell to your Fast Track representative.

Arriving to Israel

1. Your Fast Track representative will wait for you at the plane exit.
2. Your Fast Track representative will handle all passengers’ bags for you.
3. Your Fast Track representative will escort you through the passport check fast lane for diplomats.
4. Passengers will receive a note of entry to Israel, rather than a stamp on their passport.
5. Gather luggage from baggage claim.
6. Your Fast Track representative will contact your driver or transportation representative.
7. Pass through customs. Your Fast Track representative can assist you when declaring possessions if necessary.
8. Part ways with your Fast Track representative, but not before he leaves you at utmost convenience, in the hands of your driver or transportation representative.